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Accessories Magazine May 2002

FedEx ® Selects SendAFrame Retailer of the Month

New York Times

FedEx® Chooses SendAFrame as Outstanding Customer of the Month
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What's Right With This Picture: Fast, Reliable FedEx Service Helps Retailer™ Satisfy a Rapidly Growing Customer Base

The day his daughter was born, Steve Bochner recalls performing the first of his fatherly duties: He snapped photos of his newborn and hustled the film to the nearest one-hour photo store, where he selected and ordered multiple copies of his favorite shots. He then framed, sorted, wrapped, and mailed the photos to friends and relatives across the country.

That was nearly 16 years ago. Today, thanks in large part to digital photography, what took Bochner hours now takes as little as eight minutes and a few mouse-clicks at, the online gift picture-frame shop he created in 1999. In addition to a vast inventory of designer and fashion frames, SendAFrame offers an online Kodak® photo lab, skilled engraving services and same-day shipping, so customers can perform a once multi-layered task right from their computer screens.

"I really see what we do as a personal alternative to sending flowers," says Bochner, who identifies fast, reliable, professional delivery as a vital ingredient to his business model. "Every day I give thanks that FedEx exists," he says. "The vision I had of being able to get framed pictures to people in record time could not have materialized without FedEx."

Today, FedEx provides express-delivery service for the more than 100 orders that exit SendAFrame's Manhattan, N.Y., facility every day. Though SendAFrame doesn't guarantee specific delivery times, "FedEx always seems to beat our expectations -- they always seem to do the impossible," says Bochner. In fact, he counts FedEx among the many value-added services he offers his customers.

"When someone finds us on the Internet, we want them to be thrilled with their experience so they come back -- and so they tell 10 more people," he says. "Other companies spend 15 to 20 percent of their revenue on advertising. We spend none. Instead, we invest those resources into giving customers extraordinary value. And FedEx is a huge part of that."