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This item is no longer available.

This popular style was discontinued by the manufacturer as of 08/2019

For suggestions of replacements, see related product links (below) or email

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Umbra® recognized a need in the market for ready-made shutters and an alternative to blinds. There were flimsy and hard to use venetian blinds, and on the opposite end, costly custom shutters, lacking versatility, and time-consuming to order and install. We decided to remedy the situation by creating EXPANSA – indoor window shutters that look custom, at a more accessible price point, with none of the hassle of ordering, waiting and installing custom shutters.

How it works:

EXPANSA is a telescoping shutter – the world’s first. It expands to fit a variety of window sizes. Each shutter is sold separately and measures 80 x 38 cm and the width extends to 56 cm.

  • Get the luxe look of custom shutters: Tilting, 7.5 cm louvers give you the look and functionality of custom shutters, letting ample light into the room, while giving you a clear view out the window, or privacy, as needed. The shutter opens 180 degrees, resting flat against the wall beside your window, when outside mounted.
  • No more fussing with pull cords and tilt wands: A hidden tilt bar allows you to open and close EXPANSA’s louvers with ease, and it won’t obstruct your view out the window.
  • Easy install: Made for consumers of all skill levels; during testing, everyone installed the shutter in under 30 minutes. Install requires you to fasten the brackets to the wall, drop the hinge pins in, and slide open the telescoping shutter.
  • Inside and outside mount: This indoor window shutter can be mounted on the inside or outside of your window frame, on the left or right-hand side. For uneven windows, easy-to-apply shims can be added to create balance.
  • Versatile and configurable: EXPANSA shutters can be used in multiples to achieve the look and coverage you need.
  • Easy to remove for reinstallation or deep-cleaning: If you ever want to move EXPANSA to another window, you can remove the shutter with minimal impact and easily reinstall it in a new location. When doing deep cleaning, EXPANSA’s hinge pin allows the shutter to be removed and reattached easily.
  • Easy to maintain: This expanding shutter is easy to clean and durable, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Built into its polymer is UV protection, which helps prevent this interior window shutter from becoming discolored in the sunlight.
  • Inside the box: There is one shutter per box and all the hardware you need for installation is included. Each box contains 2 preassembled hinges, 2 hinge pins, 2 outside mount hinges, 2 inside mount hinges, 3 shims, 4 screws, 4 anchors, 1 bumper, 1 shutter and instructions

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Model #95560696
This item is no longer available.

This popular style was discontinued by the manufacturer as of 08/2019

For suggestions of replacements, see related product links (below) or email

Brand: Umbra
Material: Metallic (all)
Display Type: Wall Only
Color: White
This item ships in its own box

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